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In a world where false idols, hype-mongers and MLM-schemers run rapid, wouldn’t it be nice if you knew where you could go to receive quality service from professionals? Look no further, TechnicalArt is unlike any other platform out there.

We are a network of professional traders you can trust, working together, to make sure you profit in the Forex & Crypto markets without the painful trial & error to find a quality trader. TechnicalArt is so much more than just a “signal” group. We aim to discuss our views of the market with you directly through a live chat, with education included. We will analyze the markets with you, help you see what to look for, and help you earn your own money. We are not here to handle your money for you, we are here to help walk you through real-world experiences that will not only benefit you in the moment, but in the long run as well.

In-depth Video Training

We have made a series of introductory videos that take you from square one so that you can make the most profit from our professional traders advice.

In-depth Video Training

We know you are busy! Checkout and watch our introductory videos whenever you have free time!

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Trader Marketplace

Our network of traders have different styles and focus on different currency pairs. This diversity equals more opportunities in the market that you can take advantage of.

Trader Marketplace

We know you are wanting flexibility. Multiple traders allows you to find one that matches with your schedule!

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Markups and Webinars

The videos of the basics are to get you started. We also provide advanced content to push you further in trading. Copy and make money or learn the markets!

Markups and Webinars

We know you may want to seriously learn how to trade. Free advanced content is provided to educate you!

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It’s All AboutMaking Money

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    We have a a list of knowledable traders.

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    You will receive trading advice, education, and signals to your phone

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    With a small investment you will turn your phone into an ATM.



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What MakesUs Different

We are passionate about making sure that you have the best experience possible. A membership with any one of our traders includes free Forex / Crypto education to help you make the most of our service, and our dedicated support staff is available daily to assist you with any needs you may have. Why overpay for any other service, when TechnicalArt serves as the one-stop-shop for all your needs, without breaking the bank?


Frequently asked questions

At TechnicalArt Fx want to teach you everything you need to know, to feel confident in our traders analysis and trading ability. Rather than blindly sending out JUST buy/sell alerts our platform includes explanations, detailed analysis, conversations about confluence and reasons for entry.

TechnicalArt Fx and Forever In Profit are both owned by the same group of traders and both serve as a network to connect educators to students.


TechnicalArt Fx is a company with a focus on relaying a traders exact trades and calls to others on the network EFFICIENTLY and INSTANTANEOUSLY. If a trader places a trade you will be notified by a push notification through our Discord messenger integration.


Forever In Profit is a network of traders focused more on trading education. The platform we have build at ‘FIP’ is tailored to walk you through the many steps required to go from a novice that is interested in the markets, to a trader who is making a reliable income.

We have a marketplace of trade rooms. You simply purchase the trade room package for your trader or traders of choice and pay for their service separately. We encourage you to join more than one room.


We purposely look for traders to join our network that add diversification to our network portfolio. Each trader has a unique strategy and will focus on specific currency pairs / coins.


Each room has a recurring fee that is paid monthly from the original day of signup.

By joining our network you will get access to a group of over 3000 traders who have all come together to talk about forex and crypto markets. TechnicalArt Fx is a member of the Forever In Profit trading network, and your TAFX membership grants you special access to a community, free content, promotions, and trading advice that you will not find anywhere else.


We integrate with Discord messenger to deliver our traders advice, markups, and trade calls. You can link up with traders NOW by joining any one of the free discord channels below:

Our terms and conditions have a fairly strict no refunds policy in place. This is due to the digital nature of our content and how easily it can be copied and distributed.


We make it our mission to deliver more value per month than we charge our members. We frequently offer introductory promotions to the public for $1 to try specific rooms in our network as a means for you to try our services before committing to a 1 month subscription.


When you do sign up, it is very easy to cancel if you are ever unsatisfied. Just login and go to ‘My Account”, then ‘Memberships’, then ‘Cancel’.


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Made back my return of investment WITHIN one week! These professional traders are selfless leaders who go above and beyond for their clients. They trade in the early mornings, afternoons, evenings, and even when you are sleeping! These leaders consistently make sure you profit by the end of each and every week and make sure you are a happy investor! I am truly thankful I made the decision to invest in TAFX because I am now taken care of both financially and emotionally.Tim L

I joined TechnicalArtFX few days ago and I already made 200+ pips thanks to crew, so for sure it is worth your investing. They are really changing your lifes. Do not hesitate to join!Edwin

Our customers love to upload 'profit shots' when we have successfully made them money. As a result we have a lot of them so be sure to check them out!

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